About INAC

INAC│Centre for the Protection of Intellectual Property protects copyright and related rights on the internet; professionally performs constant internet monitoring.

Our aim is to protect the creators and distributors, as well as their intellectual property rights, promote legal use of works, introduce the public to alleged infringements and ways for internet users to avoid them.

We are an institution with the objective to protect the legitimate interests and expectations of the copyright/ related rights holders, while providing internet users with the access to the protection of the above-mentioned rights, thus preventing violations and using exclusively legitimate sources.

Our team is constantly improving its skills in the field of intellectual property protection in order to attain better results in protecting the intellectual property on the internet.


Typically most of the works distributed in cinemas, DVD’s / CD’s / BRD’s, books, pictures get “stolen” from the media or simply out of cinemas by filming with video cameras. Therefore, both the creators and distributors have lawless “competitors” online, such as illegal distributors at P2P networks, Torrent, Online sites and servers. This violates the rights of creators, causes the loss of income, distorts the market, and forms the wrong attitude of internet users creating an impression that everything online is free and legal. We will try to change the situation.

We believe that only a focused, strategically oriented activity can change the situation fundamentally. That is what we seek!