Vytas Simanavičius, INAC CEO.

We keep talking that we don’t see all the content on NETFLIX or other platforms, but we all want to watch the latest movies or series as soon as possible – here and now. It is obvious that we can increasingly see illegally uploaded products of Lithuanian authors on various pirated websites: films, series, theatrical performances, which seems to show a greater interest in their works.

Therefore, we are currently starting to implement the project “Strengthening and Protecting the Copyright of the Lithuanian Audiovisual Sector on the Internet” with the association AVAKA. One of its goals is to actively monitor the Internet, protect Lithuanian author’s rights on the Internet.

In fact, we already have extensive experience in defending Copyright, so our next steps are primarily about consistent work.

So when will we have more legal content in Lithuania? The answer would be very simple – when the protection of intellectual property rights will be properly ensured in Lithuania. And that requires absolutely nothing to do new,- only to defend our rights, to use the Copyright remedies that have been developed, and to take small steps forward.

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