We professionally implement the protection of copyright and related rights on the internet. We perform constant internet monitoring. We advise on intellectual property protection issues.

The databases of the world’s main websites distributing illegal content are gathered in our databases. The databases are constantly updated.


Protection of intellectual property on the Internet:

– preventive reports containing information on the management of the rights for the administrators of websites distributing illegal content;

– prevention of copyright /related rights violation on the internet;

– continuous monitoring of protected works on the Internet;

– elimination of works from worldwide sources distributing an illegal content;

– protection of copyright/ related rights on YouTube; elimination of works uploaded to    YouTube;

– protection of copyright/ related rights on Google search engine; elimination of works uploaded to Google search engine;

– elimination from Torrent, online, cyberlockers systems;

– sending warnings to violators;

– instituting proceedings against violators;

– analysis and development of legislative framework;

– work with intellectual property projects;

– International intellectual property protection coordination.


Research, development of software for the protection of intellectual property on the internet. We create technologies and implement them in order to protect the intellectual property of authors/distributors.